Fantastic, Reliable and Friendly

Have just moved out of a property, managed by Vanderpump, Tammy, Sally etc have offered a fantastic, reliable & friendly service. I was in the property four and half years. Initially there was some minor issues to iron out and a one difference of opinion. But this agent far outweighed this by having a prompt, reliable & great service. They went above and beyond to assist me regarding a referencing issue I had etc. One of the easiest companies I’ve had the pleasure to deal with.  Repairs, concerns or any enquiries dealt with quickly and efficiently, the contractors working for them, Also very efficient, professional and friendly. Moving out, deposit process absolutely fantastic, even though I made a massive error given them the wrong bank details. They resolved this for me promptly and without fuss etc. Would highly recommend this agent to anyone. Would definitely return to them again if required.

Thankyou Vanderpump!

Wes Lemaire


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